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some Frequently Asked Questions about dental implants:


– How do I know if dental implants are right for me? Dental implant surgery is a serious decision and should only be considered by patients who are sure they want to undergo the surgery and understand all of the risks and benefits.

– What are the benefits of dental implants? Dental implants provide stability and durability in teeth that cannot be restored through traditional methods such as tooth restoration or braces. They can also provide increased strength and support for teeth, which can help prevent them from falling out or becoming loose over time.

– What is the difference between mini and regular dental implants? Mini dental implants (also known as single anchor) are placed just below the gumline, while regular dental implants (also known as dual anchor) are placed deeper within each jawbone. The advantages of mini dental implant surgery include a shorter recovery period, reduced pain, and faster healing times.



– How do I care for my dental implant? After your surgical procedure, you will need to take antibiotics to prevent infection and follow a strict diet that includes plenty of fluids. You may also experience mild swelling around your implant site for several weeks after surgery. Over time, this swelling will dissipate on its own without any additional treatment necessary.



– What is the success rate of dental implants? The overall success rate for surgical procedures such as tooth placement using dental Implants is approximately 95%. However, there may be some minor complications associated with both mini/single anchors (approximately 5%)and dual anchors (approximately 2%). Although rare, these complications may require additional surgeries or adjustments to your implant therapy plan. There are no long term risks associated with either type of surgical procedure when performed by an experienced surgeon under proper conditions.


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