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    Teeth Aligners

    Teeth aligners are molds or digital scans utilized for realigning your teeth. This series of invisible plastic mouthpieces put gentle pressure on your teeth and gradually straightened them. This is how you can enhance your confidence while smiling. People with crowded or spaced teeth can lead to possible dental issues like plaque buildup, gum sensitivity, cracking teeth and more. Also, for teeth aligners, you can also purchase at cosmetic drugstore or online store after the consultation with an orthodontist.

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    Patients Internationally

    Smile Tourisms is one of the best clinics in India, personalized with the cosmetic dentistry and latest technologies. We are serving many patients internationally with this 3D digitization technology and results are authentic. We are ranked first dental clinic in India and serving many patients internationally.

    Advantages of Teeth Aligners

    1.   Quick solution to straighten Your Teeth : In comparison to traditional braces, teeth aligners have the ability to straighten the teeth in half the time. They are designed in a manner that they appear like your real teeth and allow you to continue with your dietary habits without any hassles.

    2.   Comfortable and Removable : The clear aligners involve no risk of cuts from mental wires and brackets, they are convenient to use and remove at any time of the day. Unlike traditional braces, it also helps in preventing bacterial growth. You can use them 22 hours a day and smile confidently.

    3.   Sessions are limited : These series of mouthpieces correct the positions of teeth within six to eight weeks. Thus, it doesn’t require daily sessions with the dentist. At the end of two weeks, you will switch to the series of next tray for effective results.

    4.   Good for dental health and wellness : Attaining the lost confidence of smiling can be the first and foremost advantage of teeth aligners. Amidst, it also includes improvisation of your dental health with easy brushing and flossing. This refers to the deep cleaning of your teeth to remove food particles and plaque. This restricts bacterial growth and gradually helps in preventing any severe dental issues.

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    Why Choose Us ?

    Teeth aligners are available at any cosmetic drugstore or online store; without expert guidance, one should not take any step. Teeth are very sensitive to operate and with low quality teeth aligners, it can damage them deeply and ruin your appearance. At Smile Tourisms, our orthodontists have specialized teeth aligners of supreme quality maintaining international standards at affordable prices. They are very convenient and comfortable to use or remove. Our team of world’s best dentists will help you get rid of your fear of having non-aligned teeth and restore your lost smile. They have years of expertise and fixed teeth of many patients in less than a time.

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    With the evaluation of the condition of your tooth, customized digital treatment plan are created by our experts. Once Smile Tourisms professionals get approval for the plan, customized teeth aligners will be manufactured with supreme quality material. After every 1 -2 weeks, you will be wearing a new series of aligners for 20-22 hours depending on the severity of the condition of your teeth until you get aligned and have a flawless smile. Each set will ensure a gradual shifting of your teeth to its position.

    Smile Tourisms aligners are visibly invisible and there is no chance of getting noticed by anyone until you reveal your secret.

    Aligners are very convenient to remove. You can simply do it with regular brushing or rinsing them in lukewarm water. Even with aligners, you must be very cautious that you clean your teeth daily without re-inserting aligners for maintaining good oral hygiene.

    Customer Testimonials

    Sonam Sethi Managing Director

    What an amazing experience we had! The trip was perfectly organized, and the accommodations were great! We had a very aggressive plan to see as much of Kerala as we could in a limited time. Then there was Sumesh!

    Amrit Singh Senor Business Analyst

    Well organized trip! Decent, polite driver, clean vehicle, disciplined driving. Excellent locations to stay, smooth activity charter to follow. We enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks to Vijay our trip executive and his team for such a wonderful trip.

    Diya Sharma Software Developer

    Highly recommended. Our tour consultant Ashok was extremely patient and responsive. We got his suggestions but were able to arrange the sites we wanted without feeling pressured that there was a set itinerary we had to follow.

    Why Smile Tourisms have the Best Dental Clinics in India?

    At Smile Tourisms, you will have a worthy experience with our topmost orthodontists of India. They have excellent technologies in the clinic to examine the condition of your teeth with ease. For using a series of custom-made teeth aligners, you might be struggling with non-aligned teeth, broken or chipped teeth. Our experts have a suitable treatment for straightening your teeth without using traditional braces involving risks of cuts from metal wires. We offer easy, pocket-friendly, customized and effective solutions that can be used for 20-22 hours per day and provide excellent results in a lesser time. Book an appointment with India’s top cosmetic orthodontist near India and get your teeth aligned!

    Advance And Affordable Dental Treatment In India

    The treatment cost for teeth aligners depends on the complexity of your teeth condition, duration for treating it and number of trays for teeth aligner series needed for effective results. The minimum range of aligners cost Rs. 40,000 to 1, 00,000 as per market price depending on your oral health condition. Metal braces are cheaper than ceramic ones but involve high risks of cutting or damage to gums.  The final estimate can be decided after complete evaluation. We have emi plans offering you affordable pricing.

    Smile Tourism Is International Patient’s Choice

    This is a one-stop dental clinic in India for resolving all dental problems. More than 5000+ patients have taken treatment nationally and internationally. We are the first choice of our international clients. Our team of dental healthcare experts ensures you a worthy experience with us. With an aim to make you look younger and improve your self-confidence, we are committed to implementing effective dental procedures and giving you a comprehensive guide for aftercare oral routine.

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