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    Our Teeth Whitening Service

    Teeth whitening treatments are quick, non-invasive and the most affordable way to improvise a smile. However, a tooth whitening procedure doesn’t offer a permanent solution for discoloration and requires timely “touch-ups” for an everlasting effect. Also, it has a plethora of solutions depending on your choice, whether you want to be treated by a professional including one-hour sessions at dental clinic or cosmetic spa or there is a wide availability of home-use bleaching kits for DIY processes.


    Patients Internationally

    Smile Tourisms is one of the best clinics in India, personalized with the latest Teeth Whitening or bleaching under the guidance of India’s best orthodontists. We are serving many patients internationally with this 3D digitization technology and results are authentic. We are ranked first dental clinic in India and serving many patients internationally.

    Advantages of Teeth Whitening

    1.   Removes discoloration or stains : Discoloration or stains on teeth can be due to certain lifestyle and dietary habits. Improper brushing and flossing can be one of the common reasons. Whitening dissolves all these problems and provides a confidence to smile non-hesitatingly.

    2.   Highly satisfactory results : Despite being an affordable solution for a yellowed or dull-looking smile, it helps you gain your self-esteem by smiling often which is a sign of good health. This non-invasive solution can save many other problems like tooth loss, decayed tooth or bacterial spread.

    3.   Reduce Bacteria : Professionally implemented teeth whitening procedure also kills bacteria that might lead to tooth decaying or gum disease in near future. Therefore, you will have a fresh and fragrant breath with no imperfections.

    4.   Returns youthfulness : With this procedure, you will have a more youthful and charismatic appearance to attract people around you. Also, smiling with white teeth will help you regain your confidence.

    5.   Instant dental procedure : There are no invasive cosmetic procedures involved in teeth whitening, thus it doesn’t take long sessions and can provide optimum results in a week or two. For cracks or chipped teeth, this procedure can be a saviour.

    Perfect Teeth Whitening

    Why Choose Us ?

    Teeth whitening can be a DIY procedure at home or cosmetic spa, but it also involves some risk factors. Excessive use of teeth bleaching can weaken the enamel or pulp and lead to the problems of tooth sensitivity towards hot or cold temperature. Thus, it is advisable to get this procedure incorporated under the guidance of experts in Smile Tourisms. Our orthodontists have been practicing this procedure for decades and understand the reason for the cause of any dental issues. We have a planned solution for every problem, emphasizing on the treatment inclusive of easy and quick performances.

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    Teeth Whitening procedure begins with examining the tooth and creating an impression of a mouthguard. The orthodontists start with cleaning the tooth to ensure no food substances are left during the process. This takes 30-90 minutes depending on the severity of the stains on teeth. Then, the dentist covers the gums and applies a whitening agent on the teeth. Then, use a laser light if required to remove the discoloration or stains. If you have badly infected stained teeth, then this procedure can be continued at home under the guidance of your dentist.

    No, Teeth whitening is not a permanent process. It can last from a few months upto 3 years depending from person to person. If you smoke, drink red wine, tea or coffee, the whitening effect will be gone.

    The whitening agent or bleach is generally chemical which can have a negative effect on your teeth or gums. You may experience teeth sensitivity if bleaching is done in an excessive manner. It may lead to possible dental problems by harming tooth enamel with local bleach at home.

    Customer Testimonials

    Sonam Sethi Managing Director

    What an amazing experience we had! The trip was perfectly organized, and the accommodations were great! We had a very aggressive plan to see as much of Kerala as we could in a limited time. Then there was Sumesh!

    Amrit Singh Senor Business Analyst

    Well organized trip! Decent, polite driver, clean vehicle, disciplined driving. Excellent locations to stay, smooth activity charter to follow. We enjoyed thoroughly. Thanks to Vijay our trip executive and his team for such a wonderful trip.

    Diya Sharma Software Developer

    Highly recommended. Our tour consultant Ashok was extremely patient and responsive. We got his suggestions but were able to arrange the sites we wanted without feeling pressured that there was a set itinerary we had to follow.

    Why Smile Tourisms have the Best Dental Clinics in India?

    With age, certain changes began taking over our appearance in a manner leading to decline of our self-esteem. One of the changes we notice is discoloration or stained teeth due to growth of bacteria or plague. At Smile Tourisms, you will have sessions with “India’s top dentists” who are skilled and experts into the world of dentistry. Utilization of teeth whitening bleach must be of best quality and only a professional can guide you for that. It is advisable to not take any risks which you regret later. Our healthcare orthodontists are committed to their duties and have treated more than 1000 patients all over the world. Book an appointment with India’s top cosmetic orthodontist near India!

    Advance And Affordable Dental Treatment In India

    Teeth Whitening varies from every individual depending on the problem they are facing. The procedure can be completed in one sitting and cost from 1000 to 5000 Rs per visit. If the treatment requires more then it will cost more. At Smile Tourisms, our only priority is to heal away all your dental issues, thus we have specified dental plans for teeth whitening as per the minor or chronic aspect of disease at discounted rates. Come and take a visit today at the best clinic in India.

    Smile Tourism Is International Patient’s Choice

    This is a one-stop dental clinic in India for resolving all dental problems. More than 5000+ patients have taken treatment nationally and internationally. We are the first choice of our international clients. Our team of dental healthcare experts ensures you a worthy experience with us. With an aim to make you look younger and improve your self-confidence, we are committed to implementing effective dental procedures and giving you a comprehensive guide for aftercare oral routine.

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