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    We are glad that you have taken out time to visit our website, we are team that recognizes the fears, apprehensions and anxiety while visiting a dentist. Being patient centric our philosophy is to make sure that you leave our dental clinics with shining smile.  Our clinic have well trained and experienced dentists, providing a wide array of dental services to our patients. When a patient enters our clinic, our main aim is to provide a dental experience like he/she has never had before. Painless, Advanced innovative technology, Transparent and Ethical, and most important affordable are our few attributes as described by our patients review

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    Our Multilingual staff available for patients from non-English speaking countries and provide the highest level of dedicated support to manage medical services and all related needs, at every step of the treatment journey.

    Our Dental Services

    Dental Implants

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    Teeth Whitening

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    Teeth Aligners

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    Hollywood Smile Designing.

    Hollywood Smile Designing

    Do you sometimes wonders how the gleaming smile of your favorite media star
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    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening

    Teeth whitening is the process of lightning the color of human teeth. whitening is often desirable when teeth become yellowed over time for a number of reasons.
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    زراعة الاسنان

    Our Painless Root Canal Services

    Our Painless Root Canal Services

    The process of repairing damaged or infected tooth instead of removing them is called Root Canal
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    Why Choose Us ?

    Smile Tourisms is one of the best clinics in India, personalized with the latest 3D CBCT dental implant technology. We are serving many patients internationally with this 3D digitization technology and results are authentic. The surgery can be performed by computer stimulation with minimal incision and less pain.  This doesn’t require any unnecessary bone cutting or need for sutures.

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    Dental implant surgeries today are indistinct but patients’ experiences can be virtually distinguishable depending on the number of teeth requiring replacement, the stability and strength of jaw bone, position of the implant within the jaw or gum tissue and systematic or oral health. The procedure takes six weeks or six months after the successful period of osseointegration.

    Root canal alternatives include extracting the damaged tooth, no further treatment, or replacing the tooth with a dental implant, bridge or removable partial denture. However, tooth extractions are a permanent loss of a natural tooth and dental prosthesis is the only solution for continuing oral functions - chewing, speaking, and dental alignment. Also, at this point it becomes more essential to get a dental implant to prevent adjacent teeth. At Smile Tourisms, you don’t need to worry about any treatment as our specialized team will provide a worthy experience at pocket-friendly costs.

    Teeth Whitening procedure begins with examining the tooth and creating an impression of a mouthguard. The orthodontists start with cleaning the tooth to ensure no food substances are left during the process. This takes 30-90 minutes depending on the severity of the stains on teeth. Then, the dentist covers the gums and applies a whitening agent on the teeth. Then, use a laser light if required to remove the discoloration or stains. If you have badly infected stained teeth, then this procedure can be continued at home under the guidance of your dentist.

    The cosmetic dentistry in Gurgaon helps to provide everlasting results whilst making your tooth and smile line proportionate; designing your flawless smile. Our professional orthodontist or cosmetic surgeon in DelhiIndia evaluates the functionality of your mouth and jaw before beginning any procedure. We also take the responsibility of after treatment care and accordingly they guide you.

    Furthermore, after successful evaluation of patient's reports and preparation of customized cosmetic dentistry treatment plans, with the use of digitalized technology, doctors will help you understand the post treatment results through photos of your smile. This is a complete analysis about what correction will be made during the process. Also, this is more than essential to understand every aspect of Smile Design treatment in Delhi.

    Customer Testimonials

    Managing Director

    My teeth were in a very bad shape, heard a lot about and Doctors of Smile Garden clinic . in my country, many of friends had already has some treatment here, so I decided to fly in and get my teeth back in shape as well, and i am highly satisfied with the results"

    Senor Business Analyst

    Many of my fellow country men come here only for teeth to get treatment done with Doctors. , so I decided to get in touch with them to fix my teeth. Ambience, technology and doctors were highly professional. Must visit for your Teeth.

    Dr. is an expert at root canals, as advised I got it done under microscope with him, and it definitely was a different experience. Doesnt get more painless than this "

    Awards & Recognition

    Why Smile Tourisms have the Best Dental Clinics in India?

    Dental implant surgeries at Smile Tourisms emphasized on providing distinct experiences to patients with our 24/7 available staff and under the guidance of international doctors. Before the process begins, we examine the condition of your oral health and systematically plan another step. For diabetic, cancer or periodontal disease, we take more precautions and are ready to provide insta-treatments with effective results. With our latest technologies, we make this complex dental implant easier. Our customer service department is always ready for handling emergency calls.

    Advance And Affordable Dental Treatment In India

    The cost of dental implants in India entirely depends on the type of implantation, procedure and material used for the surgery; for some it might be expensive but they are not too heavy. Cost of single-stage dental implant starts from INR 18,000 to INR 58,000. Also, more than the cost, it is critical to replace the missing teeth or tooth in case you don’t want to go through more complexities later (jawbone loss). This will be much more expensive than the actual cost for dental implant in India.

     In addition, dental implants are not covered under insurance policies. However, you can talk to your insurance providers about the medical plan regarding the cost of implant crown or other expenses or our Smile Tourism third-party financial advisors. We can assure you to have a cost-worthy experience with us.

    Smile Tourism Is International Patient’s Choice

    We are a skilled team of international professionals in the world of dentistry. More than 5000+ patients have taken treatments in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, child dentistry, smile makeover, braces & aligners, laser gum treatment, jaw surgeries and more by our specialized dentist, periodontist or prosthodontist. We ensure a convenient and durable treatment with the use of our 3D technology. 

    Still confused about the best Dental treatment plan in India for you ?

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